I read a story about an ordinary girl who said she wanted to have the opportunity to be extra ordinary. She won an entry to the most difficult stage race in the world, 8 days 667km 18000m of altitude and only had 11 weeks to train. I met her partner by chance two days before the Cape Epic started, climbing up a steep dirt track to a Tree called Dead Man’s Tree on Table Mountain.

As humans the extra ordinary inside us is often difficult to see, easy to recognise in others but ours is hidden far away. The Cape Epic is a brutal race it will test your body, it will test your will power, it will test your friendship, hell it will even test your love of mountain biking. It is a race that will expose you kilometer by kilometer, meter by meter, day by day, chipping away to expose that extra ordinary in you. It will teach you never to give up, to see that extra ordinary in you, to have the right to claim that finishers medal on the last Sunday. with the sweat and salt that has fallen onto the untamed African soil