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Mountain biking is a fear driven monster

October 30, 2015
Mountain biking is a sport where the concept of fear is always a part of the journey. It starts with being able to learn and ride in a safe place. Making sure you have the […]

Training Ups And Downs

October 23, 2015
Being a lover of knowledge and having a little background in exercise physiology and sports physiology I knew I would do a ton of research regarding the proper training required to complete the 3 days […]

My Journey To My First Stage Race

October 19, 2015
Right now I am sitting in Kona Hawaii on a holiday. It’s just short of a month to my first official mountain bike stage race. I am feeling very nervous that my training legs will […]

Ride The Drakensberg

September 29, 2015
The Drakensberg! Africa’s premier mountain range, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Geographical Wonder, international tourist attraction and South Africa’s prime outdoor adventure camping and hiking destination rolled into one. Stretching uninterrupted from the Western Cape to […]
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