FlowCentric Technologies sponsoring mtbApp media at Cape Epic 2018

FlowCentric Technologies sponsoring mtbApp media at Cape Epic 2018

Established in 2000, FlowCentric Technologies is a software development company that delivers business process management (BPM) software to a global market. The organisation’s BPM software, FlowCentric Processware, is utilised by medium and large companies to improve operational efficiency and enforce legislative controls.

Developers use FlowCentric Processware to create digital business solutions that entrench best-practises and regulations in every step. Authorised employees access the process-driven solutions through webforms, allowing them to complete tasks in an efficient and intuitive way. The software enhances the capabilities of many ERP applications; connects employees and suppliers across the value chain; and allows organisations to innovate faster without compromising on control.

Organisations are charged per user license, not per application, making FlowCentric Processware the perfect tool for companies that are serious about digital transformation and efficiency.

FlowCentric Technologies has regional offices in the United Kingdom, India and Western Australia. The company’s BPM software is delivered to many more territories through an international network of channel partners. The company’s partners provide consultation, software implementation services, and bespoke industry solutions respectively.

If you are interested in finding our more about FlowCentric Processware or exploring available Partnership opportunities, please visit the company’s website www.flowcentric.com