Flowing fun TT Cape Epic

Flowing fun TT day Cape Epic

Nino Schurter and Lars Foster win the TT.

Avancini and Fumic keep the yellow jersey comfortably.

Fumic We started with yellow with the aim to keep the yellow. I had a crash and broke my lockout so rode the rest on hardtail. Avancini had to ride out front for the rest of the route. The next 3 stages will be really intense, we really focus on the Scott guys they are our main contenders.

Avancini We had a plan before the race, but Mannie had a small mistake and it had big consequences, we stayed calm and helped each other. We could not use one of our main skills, which is to ride with flow. In the end we did not push as hard as we wanted to but maybe it will help us in the next 3 stages

Hope it is going to be a good battle to Val de Vie. I can promise you we will fight as hard as we can. It is interesting to see how close the race is this year,  our plan was to build up our form and smoothness to the end of the week.

Nino we did not expect to make up so much time. 1 min 30 seconds its doable. Lars are matching very well together

Lars for sure yesterday was disappointing, we did not think we could put out so much time in such a short distance. We had fun and fun is fun.

Annika At this moment we slowly start to count down the days as the end is near. Having the Queens stage ahead we try not to think about it too much.

Anna it was quiet a fun time trial, had some punchy climbs where you did not feel safe at all. If I had to be honest I feel like I already did 3 Queen stages.

Ariane To be on the podium I would be very happy because Anna and Annika are too dominant.

Maja I loved the trails, awesome and super fun to ride, it is the kind of trail I like to ride.

Candice Our approach was not to go to hard caused you cant make up too much time on a short TT. At this point in the race it is more important to go at our pace.

Adelheid Today I enjoyed the trails, the stage was more flat than we expected. The next 3 days will be extremely hard so we tried to limit ourselves.

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