Start your love affair with mountain biking at the Chardonnay Wines2Whales


This Valentine’s Day it’s my mountain bike where my love grows

“…on the edge of what we know, in contact with the ocean of the unknown, shines the mystery and the beauty of the world. And it’s breathtaking on a mountain bike” Rovelli (adapted)

I am an extremely passionate mountain biker. Riding mountain bikes has sent me to the most beautiful places around South Africa and I have met some of the most incredible people ever. I truly love the mountain biking community and seeing the growth in individuals and women’s mountain biking as they progress in their riding ability and participate in more events on the calendar.

Fostering and growing women’s mountain biking took a huge leap in 2018 when Wines2Whales introduced the Chardonnay stage race, the first dedicated elite women’s race. Wines2Whales has always been one of my favourite stage races and this addition to promoting elite and normal women’s riding can only benefit women as individuals and as a community.


I see the benefit in every mountain bike race as an adventure and the strength that it gives women as individuals and as a community. Mountain biking is my avenue for doing this, it gives me freedom, connection, flow, joy, strength and power.

I have a love affair with mountain biking and it is no secret. I love the way mountain biking pushes us outside our comfort zones and uplifts our hearts to new levels we never knew possible. I would love to see more women lining up on the start line for stage races. Here are some of the reasons the  Wines2Whales stage race has a special place in my heart.

The Wines2Whales takes us to places our feet or cars may never be able to.


Wines2Whales Gantouws Pass


Wines2Whales gives you the opportunity to see some of Mother Nature’s best features all around the western cape. It allows you to explore deep into forests, way over mountain ranges, down to coastlines and along cliff tops and through newly blossoming trails. It connects you with nature when you’re on your bike, so it’s just you and the world around you, together in a state of flow.


Wines2Whales Day 2

It is known that the Wines2Whales attracts fun, open, friendly people that are all about going out and having a great ride with friends, having loads of laughs and then enjoying a coffee or a cold beer afterwards. Lets face it mountain bikers are the friendliest people on two wheels.


Mountain biking the Wines2Whales will teach you presence. It will train your mind to empty itself of the normal chatter that continually flies around and teaches it to be entirely focused on the beauty of the trail ahead…


The Wines2Whales will push your comfort zones. To truly live life to the fullest is to constantly live on the edge of your comfort zone, slowly pushing it further outwards. Mountain biking definitely pushes your comfort zone, as there is always a new challenge to conquer, whether it be a new skills, new track, new feature or simply pushing your fitness to a higher level. There is always a next level to master. And that is why we love Mountain Biking!Wines2Whales

Image Wines2Whales

Mountain biking is a dance with gravity, a courtship with momentum, a flirtation with speed, a…Okay okay I’m getting carried away. It’s time to wrap up this article, which is turning into a love letter to mountain biking.

Start your love affair with mountain biking at the Chardonnay Wines2whales, Entries open at 12 oclock on 14 Feb 2019