Will the New Apple Watch be desired by Athletes

Will the New Apple Watch be desired by Athletes

Will the new iterations of the Apple watch attract athletes, who are knowledgeable and very specific about their bio-metric requirements. The first models of the watched attracted those in the wellness industry but fell way short of the requirements of athletes. Has the new version started to meet the more detailed requirements of runners, cyclists and triathletes?

The newest Watch will soon start winning over serious athletes! Or will it?

WatchOS4 packs a handful of crucial software updates for the fitness-minded: 

  • automatic resting heart rate measuring and recovery heart rate tracking.
  • Apple is also launching a heart study with Stanford Medicine to help users potentially spot atrial fibrillation.
  • will also update users when their heart rate is elevated when not exercising. (potential over training or illness)
  • rebuilt Workout app that features high-intensity interval tracking.
  • elevation gain metric, altimeter.
  • LTE connectivity.
  • water resistance 50 meters
  • Breathe sessions.


  • start a ride in Workout, you won’t be able to export that data to Strava.
  • data is NOT transferable.
  • battery life is still an issue.
  • the glucose-monitoring abilities are not a feature.