No ear phones but more data about the riders in Tours UCI survey results

Cycling's governing body is moving for changes in elite road racing, and highlights results from a recent survey to back its vision....

Hollard JUMA will allow Sock Doping

Sock doping is not exactly what it sounds like. So if it's not about smoking your socks, what's all the hype about? Wearing standard...

Deflating the top 7 myths you might have heard about the Hollard JUMA

The upcoming edition of Johannesburg’s most unique urban mountain bike adventure, the Hollard JUMA, promises something to talk about. You’ve seen the posts on...


The first UCI eMTB World Championship Race will be held at Mont-Sainte-Anne Who is the fastest and...

The Quest for Epic Legend Status in the Swiss Alps – Part 1

12 potential Epic Legends are currently traversing the Swiss Alps on a quest to claim the highly sought-after Epic Legend medal.

Strava join the NEW Escape Plan

Strava has launched a new "streaks" feature that aims to make people stay active. The new tool encourages people to...

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‘A mental game against yourself’ – Cycling’s Transcontinental Race becomes Brit’s nemesis

Jonathan Rankin, from Scotland, was handed a second chance at the seventh edition of Cycling's Transcontinental Race, after running into problems last...

Why do we slow down after age 50? Or do we?

Andrew Mclean, famous South African cyclists who has participated in multiple Cape Epic's (Amabubesi) and been on the podium in his category numerous times does not seem to be slowing down. Joe Friel training guru discusses strategies to mitigate the effects of physiological aging.

How to power nap like a pro cyclist

There was a time when napping during the day found you labelled as a slob. A lazy degenerate with a bad attitude. Well, the sleepyheads out there will be pleased to hear that this is no longer the case – quite the opposite actually.

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Liv Cycling Unveils New Pique 29 Off-Road Series

Liv's First 29-Inch Wheel Off-Road Bike Offers a High-Performance Ride Designed for Speed NEWBURY PARK, Calif., Aug. 20,...

Cape Epic winners line up for the Swiss Epic

The elite women’s field for the 2019 Swiss Epic is shaping up to feature a distinctively multinational feel. 5...

Fiona Kolbinger rides by instinct, her preparation for Transcontinental victory

Fiona Kolbinger training prior to Transcontinental 6000km, listen to this interesting her preparation for the Transcontinental.

Little Bellas, big goals: Mountain biking program encourages girls to dream big

A motto for riding mountain bikes: If a girl can learn to choose her challenges, she learns to own her individual path.


Mountain bike shoe brand Five Ten needs no introduction. However, in many ways, they seem to be reintroducing themselves, as a lot of riders are still unaware that Adidas owns Five Ten, even eight years after the fact. For some,...
Cape based Leatt is trading strongly as more riders realize the importance of crucial safety gear. Leatt is a South African company which has made global inroads within the crowded motorcycle and mountain bike accessories market. Although based in Cape Town, close to...
POC has introduced a host of new innovations and updates for its autumn 2019 and 2020 cycling collections. The Solar Switch represents a “world-first” for eyewear and uses an electrochromic LCD lens, which can change tint based on light conditions and which is powered...



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