The Tour Podcast Johan & JB


The Tour Podcast Johan & JB

Three years ago Lance and JH Hager started The Forward in an Airbus parked outside a rental house in Aspen Colorado. The podcast discussing the Tour De France was an instant hit with cycling fans eating up the insights of behind the scene at the tour. George Hincapie popped in for guest appearances and the resulting banter between Lance and George became a favourite on the podcast. In the second year of the podcast the Forward became The Move as the podcast bought in guest to add to the show a firm favourite was the discussions Johan Bruyneel offered.

This year with The Move once again topping the rankings on the iTunes best podcasts an additional feature was added for fans, The Johan & JB Podcast which discusses the upcoming days tactics in the Tour de France.

Listening to the podcast you quickly realize Johan Bruyneel’s gift at analyzing the tour, he is a master at looking for patterns in the peloton and clearly still has the “in” on the politics and internal workings of many teams.

Check out the podcast here.

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