Are you crazy enough to climb 21 000 m?

Giro d’Italia Climbing Challenge

Strava  hardest climbing challenge yet: Climb 21,000m, half the elevation gain of the entire Giro d’Italia.

Are you crazy enough to join the challenge?

May 6, 2016 — May 29, 2016

Join the Challenge and celebrate the beautiful (and insane) climbs of the Giro. This race has a reputation for suiting not just the most talented climbers, but the boldest climbers… those who leave their knee warmers in the caravan in spite of blizzard conditions at the summit finish… the ones who dare to attack in spite of day after day of narrow, ridiculously steep, poorly paved roads.

Giro finishers will climb more than 42,000m in three weeks. If you can cover at least half as much over the same period, you’ll get a nice taste of the torment the riders will endure. All finishers get a unique finisher’s badge for their Strava profile. Athletes that climb over 21,000m during the Challenge will earn a badge in their Trophy Case. the Challenge starts and ends based on each riders local time zone.
Manual entries, trainer rides, or rides marked ‘Private’ will not count towards your Challenge effort.
All activities logged during the Challenge period must be uploaded to Strava no later than three days after the Challenge ends.