Benoni Country Club

The world’s first MTB trail fully enclosed within a 100 year old golf course. 14Km of magnificent forest single track. Beginners welcome to enjoy the gently undulating Green Route. The Yellow Route presents a longer, more challenging ride for the intermediate cyclist combining sweeping forest single track with log jumps, ramps and drop offs (with peacock runs for avoiding tough obstacles). The Red Route provides a challenge for the hard core cyclists looking to test their abilities.

All of this within the secure confines of an access controlled environment. Safe for the whole family. Finish your ride and enjoy the club’s facilities, grab a shower, have a coffee, enjoy a meal, all in a wonderful relaxed environment.

Benoni Country Club Mountain Bike Trails:

  • Routes: Green, Yellow & Red
  • Fully Enclosed, Secure, Access Controlled Environment
  • Day Rides: R25.00 per person
  • Quarterly and Annual Memberships: available for individuals and families

Contact Details 

  1. Email:
  2. Phone: +27 11 849 5211
  3. Website: Benonicc


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