The Berakah 4×4, mountain bike, quad bike and hiking trail set in the Vredefort dome just 14 km outside Parys, offers one day or a weekend getaway filled with endless fun, challenge, thrill and nerve wracking experiences. The dome area is a huge dome shaped geological structure in the vicinity of Parys and Vredefort. It comprises of a central core of granite-gneiss, approximately 40km wide, surrounded by a ring of steep inclining rock formations, which forms the mountainous area. The structure has its origin from a meteorite which struck the earth in this area 2000million years ago. It is one of only three such sites in the world. The dome area is in the process of getting registered as a World Heritage site.

The trail caters for the beginner to experienced driver, offering leisurely to adrenaline pumping experiences. The trail is divided into eight sections and each section offers its own unique challenge. The difference of this trail compared to others, lies in its diversity.

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