Bestmed Cycle4Cansa

Bestmed Cycle4Cansa Championship

Province: North West

Date: 19 – 20 August 2017

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The Bestmed Cycle4Cansa Championship, hosted by Sun City, presents a whole weekend of cycling activities for the 20th anniversary edition of the popular event.

The road event offers distances of 103km and 70km and takes place on Sunday, 20 August. The MTB event fills the Saturday slot (19 August) over the weekend cycling festival.

MTB Race:  19 August

The Bestmed Cycle4Cansa MTB Championship consists of a 25km circuit-based route which riders complete either once or twice.

This means participants in the feature 50km race complete two circuits of the short course.

The course offers an amazing experience, both from a route and scenic point of view.

Road Race 20 August

Since its inception in 1998, the Bestmed Cycle4Cansa Road Championship has distinguished itself from other events with its emphasis on road safety, medical, good value for money and one of the flattest and most scenic routes through the North-West Province.


The kiddies race will take place on Sunday 20 August, starting @ 09:00.

Entries can be done during registration.

Age groups are 5 & Under; and 10 & Under