“Bicycle of the Future”

“Bicycle of the Future”

The prototype reveals an all in one integrated package that delivers anti-theft features, headlights, USB charging, a phone mount, integrated automatic tail lights and turn signals, among other features.

“You will not have to wait long, because we are building the first batch with Marin Bikes right here in California.

“So with Openbike, one battery powers everything on the bicycle, charges as you pedal and charges your phone. One network allows components to inter-operate, so when you squeeze the brake lever, you have a brake light, because of course you do. You’ll have turn signals, because how is that not a thing? Sensors and software automate features and it’s all connected.”

Indicating that the “operating system” will be available as an OEM kit, Jacobs added: “Companies struggle with electronics, so you end up with aftermarket add-ons and a Frankenbike. With OpenBike, we provide an open platform for power control and connectivity making it easy for the industry to deliver the bicycle of your dreams.

“By solving the industry’s hardware headaches we have an opportunity to be how bicycles connect to the internet, for things like anti-theft and insurance, on demand bicycle repair and fleet management and that’s not all.”