Buffelsdrift MTB Park

Buffelsdrift MTB Park is an MTBer’s paradise very close to Pretoria. We cater for everyone, from the beginner to the advanced MTBer. Our routes are designed to also cater for different fitness levels and utilise a wide range of different terrains suitable for all types of MTBer’s.

The routes are rated according to the IMBA trail ratings and as a result all our routes are Blue Square rated with sections containing Green Circle and Black Diamond ratings. In cases like these a Chicken or Bull Run options is given. We are located in a game fenced Conservancy north of Pretoria close to the Roodeplaat Dam, making it an environment safe and suitable for the whole family.
We have four main routes of varying distances and gradients. These routes are constantly enhanced by adding additional distance, options for MTBers and additional single track. All of the routes are well marked.
We also have a fully functional Coffee Shop with delicious breakfasts on a Saturday and Sunday morning. The Coffee Shop is run by the Sefudi Function Venue that hosts the start of all our routes and is open from 07:00 till 12:00 currently. Future expansion for lunches is being planned.
We offer showers for MTBers that want to cool down and feel fresh after a ride.
A bike wash is offered by the local community before or after your ride and the request is to tip the cleaner.
Weekend accommodation is available in the Buffelsdrift MTB Park at various Venues. Please email for detail. info@sefudi.co.za
• Valid permit to be presented at all times
• NO Helmet, NO Ride
• Remain on designated trails
• Respect direction of trails
• Be considerate to residents
• Yield appropriately
• No earphones while cycling trails
• Don’t over commit yourself technically
• Don’t leave your trail behind
CURRENT ROUTES: 7km, 16km, 25km, 38km. Mix of Single Tack and Jeep Track

• Annual Ticket Holders: 24hrs every day of the week and weekends
• Day Visitors: 07:00 to 18:00 Saturday and Sunday
• Day Tickets & Annual Permits can be bought from 07:00 till 12:00 at the Coffee Shop.
• COFFEE SHOP opens from 07:00 till 12:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.
• R30 per Day Visit
• R250 for an Annual Subscription (Nov 2014 to end Dec 2015)
• PLEASE BRING CASH!! No Card Facilities

Buffelsdrift Mountain Bike currently has four main trails available. These trails offer the mountain biking enthusiast different challenges and riding environments. All our trails are very well marked and we have constant trail maintenance to keep our trails ready for your riding pleasure. Through the involvement of local bike clubs we have regular trail building sessions that help expand our trails, and since the trails are also built by riders, we know that our trails offer exactly what you want.

Red Trail

The Red Trail offers the rider a 35km route with 4 stunning climbs to test your legs. Look out for Rocks 2 Crocks, the Mamba downhill, the Pienaars river section as well as the Supertube. The route offers about 580m of total climbing and some of the best nature treks you’ll find. Remember that there are no technical sections too difficult to walk.

Blue Trail

The Blue trail offers a fun 25km ride that includes two of the most fun downhill sections – Rocks2Crocks and the Supertube. You also get to ride down to the river section and before you know it, you’re back at the start. Have a snack and tackle the next trail.

Yellow Trail

The Yellow trail offers the rider about 16km of nice steady riding. You start of with some easy flat riding but once over the canal you face the steep Cement Climb. Once over you have some fun dirt road down hills and a fun single track before you follow the jeep track to the Pienaars river section. No real technical challenges here.

Pink Trail

The Pink Trail is our beginners trail that offers some flat riding along the canal and down to the Pienaars river section. Here the more confident rider can tri their skills down the bull runs. The less confident cyclists can stay on the chicken run – you still need to concentrate here as chickens can also fall pray to the river python.

Contact Details

  1. Email: info@buffelsdriftmtb.co.za
  2. Phone: +27 82 856 9755
  3. Website: buffelsdriftmtb.co.za