Human Hearts Evolved for Endurance — and They Need It to Stay Healthy

Human Hearts Evolved for Endurance — and They Need It to Stay Healthy
Crank Chaos

Top Tips for Riding at Altitude

Want to know what it is like at the top? The real top. 3222 meters to be exact. Then CrankChaos is the place...
Mountain biking Surfing

How Mountain Biking Can Improve Your Surfing

Whether he’s packing enormous tubes at Jaws, or chucking dizzying spins above the lip, Albee Layer is perpetually at the forefront of progressive...
recovery training

Autophagy the secret to Recovery

Autophagy is the body's way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells. “Auto” means self and “phagy” means eat. So...

Are you training your Brain?

Once, we believed that the body was a machine, and the secret to optimal performance came from the muscles, the lungs, the...

‘A mental game against yourself’ – Cycling’s Transcontinental Race becomes Brit’s nemesis

Jonathan Rankin, from Scotland, was handed a second chance at the seventh edition of Cycling's Transcontinental Race, after running into problems last...

Why do we slow down after age 50? Or do we?

Andrew Mclean, famous South African cyclists who has participated in multiple Cape Epic's (Amabubesi) and been on the podium in his category numerous times does not seem to be slowing down. Joe Friel training guru discusses strategies to mitigate the effects of physiological aging.

How to power nap like a pro cyclist

There was a time when napping during the day found you labelled as a slob. A lazy degenerate with a bad attitude. Well, the sleepyheads out there will be pleased to hear that this is no longer the case – quite the opposite actually.

6 Reasons why Adventure Sport beats Stress

6 Reasons why Adventure Sport beats Stress

The Power of Time-Restricted Eating

It is WHEN you eat, not WHAT you eat