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Muc-Off launches Eco Parts Washer

Muc-Off, the independent UK-based bike maintenance specialist, has today announced the launch of its workshop-specific Eco Parts Washers. “Unlike...

Cycling kit and “smart fabrics” made from Silkworms

Scientists have discovered that silkworm larvae can spin a blend of silk that is both super strong and electrically conductive, opening a new door into embedded electronics.
Bike Box

Box Up Your Bike for Travel

Box Up Your Bike for Trave

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Adidas Branding Grows on New Five Ten Shoes as the Number of Models Expands

Mountain bike shoe brand Five Ten needs no introduction. However, in many ways, they seem to be reintroducing themselves, as a lot of riders...

Cape Town ponders viability of local bicycle assembly and manufacture

Cape Town powers ahead with cycling infrastructure, trails, tourism and billions in cycling tourism income while the DA slams on brakes in Johannesburg!

Strava Clubs new Events Feature for iPhones

Strava says club administrators now have the ability to create events right from the Strava app and post event details with other club members

Multitool in your belt

Multitool in your beltWearable & Portable Tools


first published GOOD STUFF New design doesn’t require special housing for mountsImage stabilization is...

2019: The year smart bikes got serious – and made their way into bike...

2019: The year smart bikes got serious – and made their way into bike shops