Coetzenburg Trail

singletrack: easy and some rocky technical couple of streams in summer couple of steep climbs/downhills

Trail Directions
Start at Danie Craven Statue, past the cricket grounds, turn right at the top of the hill before the fence. After fence first road left. Single track from there. Explore on your way to the dam go up on left hand side of dam across gorge down on right hand side of dam, over dam wall, down to gym, up to dam, down to hockey fields, up through farm all the way to the single track contour trail. Turn left at jeep track take first jeep track left, then second down hill right, all the way down to the houses. Take the tarred road down to the golf course and mission back to where you came from or take the same route back.

Trail Length

Trail Level

Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads


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