Core Workout for Mountain Biking

TRX Atomic Push Up


The atomic push-up is a very effective core exercise. Firstly it challenges you to hold a high plank position in an isometric contraction (a muscle contraction with no movement). This is great to fire up those deep core muscles which will help keep you solid in the saddle. Secondly we introduce a knee tuck. As you bring the knees into your chest, you move in a way that strengthens those deep core muscles as well as bringing in the smaller stabilising muscles to help keep everything in line. Thirdly, after extending the legs back into the plank position, we
go straight into a press-up, and simply repeat.

Adding this movement into your regular high plank takes the exercise to a whole new level and creates more instability for that core to really work at its maximum, also bringing in shoulder stability as well as a strength-based workout for your chest and triceps.

The foot cradle should be set to mid calf length. Place feet in foot cradles and come in to press up position, engaging your core and squeezing those glutes. Hold the plank position for two seconds.

2 Keeping your back straight, drive the knees in to your chest, slowly and controlled, before returning legs to original position.

3 Once back in plank position, bend from the elbow to drop your chest to the floor while maintaining correct posture and keeping back straight. Press up and back to start position. Repeat eight to 12 times each set.