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We’ve all watched that perfect, heart-pumping shreddit on YouTube that made you want to get right up from wherever you were and head for the nearest MTB trail. Unfortunately, when it comes to creating your own shreddit, most riders will understand that it’s not as easy as strapping a camera to your handlebar and waiting for the Oscars to flow in.

Creating a shreddit not necessarily exclusive to the realms of the professionals. Anybody with a camera and two wheels can do it, that’s why CrankChaos has compiled a list of our top tips for creating your own ultimate Shreddit.

Equipment & Set up

First things first, you’ll need some gear. Now before you rush to whip out that GoPro, yes, we know how awesome GoPro’s are but a top of the range action camera like the GoPro can go for anything between R3000 and R7000. There are many more options in the action camera arena, including your phone, that you can get for a fraction of that price that will do the job just as well.


On the trail

Because the majority of your edit will come from your action camera footage, you must get the exact angle you are looking for. Do a few test shots to see the perspective you are filming. This will ensure you don’t return after an hour with a 60 minute shot of your thighs. You want to adjust your action camera angle to give your edit a real feel of the trail.

You have to remember, the perfect Shreddit is not only about the action shots. Use different locations, different angles. Film your set up, throw in some shots of your gear, let us know why you ride what you ride. If you want to show off a trail, get some good scenic shots of the trail to cut off too.

If you’re going to show off your technique, get a friend to film you. Get that 3rd person view of you drifting around some berms or getting some air. To make something really worth watching, you need a story. Your story.

Crank Chaos
To make a shreddit worth watching, you need to tell a story. Your story. Most importantly don’t forget to have fun. Photo credit – Dom Barnarnt.jpg

It’s all coming together now

Now to the final step. The best part for the techies or a necessary chore. The editing room. Once you’ve shredded up some trail and gathered all the footage you need, it’s time to weave it all together and create something worthy of any film festival.

In terms of your final footage, deciding what stays and what goes can get a little tricky when you were loving every minute of your run. This is where it’s essential to keep your vision in mind. What shots and sounds support the type of video you are trying to make? Add a voiceover of yourself explaining your run, get some of those background sounds in or just leave a great song as a backtrack. All of this will play a part in creating an epic feel for your edit.

For all this, there is plenty of video editing software available that is pretty intuitive. What you want in the end, is something you would watch. And not just because you made it. Ask yourself, “If I clicked on this video on YouTube, would I beat away the ads to watch it all the way through?” When your answer to that question is “Yes”, then you sir/ma’am, have a masterpiece on your hands!

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