Crankworx’s the rise of Women in MTB

Crankworx Shifting Perception

Crankworx’s the rise of Women in MTB

The rise of women in MTB through voices of sport’s most dominant females.

Women in mountain biking have come along way, that is in the USA but there is still a lot of work to be done to get more women riding bikes. Julia Montague, communications manager for the Crankworx World Tour says “There was a time when women riders were underrepresented, but 2015 was a milestone year in equality on the mountain.”

Yeah so how was equality achieved by Crankworx?

Two major steps were taken by Crankworx to initiate the journey of more women on bikes and equality for the female stars of the mountain, the first started back in 2015.

2015 –  That was the year Crankworx started handing out the same amount of prize money to female riders.

Besides equal pay, which was “quite radical at the time,” Montague notes, Crankworx then went even more RADICAL…

2018 –  Crankworx Whistler did this…

The image of the sport’s best riders on literal equal footing “speaks louder than a pay cheque,”

Although Crankworx Whistler offers a completely different style of riding to the South African community, here is the question who will follow the Crankworx approach? Stage races have already started offering equal prize money, separate starting bunches and even a stage race entirely dedicated to elite and female riders. So what is next?

South African stage races are still under represented when it comes to women participate, with the figures optimistically around 10%. Enticing more women to enter and participate in mountain biking events will enhance the market and be a huge positive for women, event organizers and retailers.

Crankworx, with support from TELUS Local Programming, presented a three-part web series about women in mountain biking “Shifting Perceptions”

Check it out,  its awesome.