Diesel Hill MTB Trail

Start at the yellow bollard in the jeep track, and follow the trail….

Highest Point 139m
Lowest Point 41m
Total Ascent 109m
Distance 2,5km

Route Description:

Start at the yellow bollard in the jeep track, and follow the trail to the left. Currently there are little red arrows at intersections. You will go up a slight incline to a short contour section where you will be spoilt right off the bat with a spectacular view over the Nahoon River valley and Dorchester. From here on the adrenalin taps must be turned wide open as you start the decent. This is a wonderfully swooping narrow single track downhill, dotted with little boulders in the bends…just to keep you honest. About 2-thirds down you will notice a 3-down-arrow board in a tree. From this point there is not really anything crazy like drop off’s or any such, but the surface of the single track gets very loose and slightly rutted, so you just have to control the speed a little more after the 3-down-arrow.

When you get to the bottom, there are a few little dips with steep inclines on the other side. One particularly has 2 trees that you have to squeeze between on the steepest bit…..I would like to call the tree on the right: “The Family Tree”……because I have grabbed hold of and hugged that tree more times than I have hugged my own sister!! I think I’ll have to cut my wide handlebars in the near future!

After crossing two little streams you get to the “flat” section, which offers a little respite before pointing the bars upward for what feels like an eternity! Jeremy has built a superb “Zig-Zag” single track uphill here! I just wish I was stronger on the climbs in the bends. After about 4 tight, steep, climbing turns you reach a section of jeep track, which is probably the only passing opportunity for a long time….so if you’re racing your mates…save some in the tank for the top of the climb 🙂

When you reach the top, you actually get excited, because you know you can dive straight into the lovely downhill section again!!

Thanks to Jeremy Dubber and the Happy Trails initiative for putting together this awesome trail for us to sharpen our skills and boost our aerobic thresholds!

Contact Details

  1. Website: www.easterncapemountainbiking.co.za


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