When you see thick green bushveld clustered along water courses like green veins running in between the swelling bare-topped Highveld hills, you know that you and your bicycle have come home. Draaifontein Farm is just 2 km outside Groot Marico, a quirky riverside village

There are many paths to be ridden, with varying degrees of difficulty. Grading between moderate and extreme. For easy riding there are miles of dirt roads in the area.The 28 km circuit can be extended with an additional loop and is made up of pure single and jeep track heaven which is rocky and very technical in places. There is no way around the steep climbs, so sometimes your bike carries you; sometimes you carry your bike.

In winter the nights are very cold but you can get some genuine Groot Marico mampoer to keep you warm and cosy around the fire. The region is very hot in summer so ride early in the morning or late afternoon with adequate water.

Commencing at the homestead, you had better warm up because the ride goes straight into a 800m-long climb with a gradient often over 1-in-4. Catch your breath and anticipate the off-road treat to follow. Beautiful kloofs and thick vegetation with abundant water crossings await, against a backdrop of pristine rolling hills and mountainous terrain. In the valley you will be swallowed up by riverine vegetation providing welcome shade and coolness. Follow the jeep track and blast through water crossing after water crossing, adding up to ten in total. You will ride in this busy terrain for a while before the point where you can choose to either head home or tackle the second loop.

The host of the annual Marico Mountain Bike Classic which normally takes place on the last weekend of August.


Difficult to Extreme




30 km circuit


At the Homestead


Single track, jeep track, rocky


Hand-drawn map from Ronnie Stanton on arrival at the farm, or obtain your own 1:50 000 map of GrootMarico and Leadmine from your local Map office. GPS maps from: cbeech@mighty.co.za

Contact details

  1. Email: iti31424@mweb.co.za
  2. Website: www.mtbroutes.co.za