How to easily change your saddle angle and position

How to easily change your saddle angle and position – Saddle Position App

There’s an app for everything these days. The latest cycling-specific app is this one from saddle brand Morgaw, which aims to help you record and replicate saddle angle and setback position, useful if you’re changing your saddle or experimenting with your position on the bike. It seems like a little thing, but saddle maker Morgaw has just released a pair of iOS and Android apps to get your butt in the right spot on the bike.

Correctly adjusting your saddle can often make or break a ride, especially for long days on the bike. Using you smartphone’s built in sensors, the Saddle Adjust app helps you dial in saddle tilt and setback, so that when you get on a new bike you get your saddle in the right spot the first time. Plus the app also builds in the ability to store your ideal position, so that you can try out a new fit, but seamlessly return to the original if need be.

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The app from Morgaw combines the gyroscopes sensors in your smartphone to adjust both tilt and setback. To use the app, just quickly calibrate it to the surface your bike is on, adjust tilt using the phone as a level, then use the camera to adjust how the saddle is positioned fore-and-aft by tracking the rails. The app also can store setup data from up to 3 existing bike fits, thus making it easier to duplicate positioning or return to a baseline on new bikes.


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