How to get as strong as Nino Schurter

How to get as strong as Nino Schurter

Nino Schurter has arguably the best skills and strength on the mountain bike in the world at the moment. As a professional athlete he has time to train on the bike and off the bike in the gym.

How can you can maximal strength and power in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of effort?

What is the ONE exercise that will give you the most improvements?

Firstly why do we need strength and power on the mountain bike?

Power in cycling comes from the hips and torso and cannot be transmitted into the pedals unless there is a strong core platform to push off. If the center of your body turns into wet spaghetti  after thirty minutes of riding, power and endurance fades throughout the ride. Efficiency is a big part of being fast when mountain biking. A strong core and upper body is needed to drive your bike through technical terrain without losing momentum. Endurance mountain biker racers need a huge reservoir of core and upper body strength to maintain control of the bike for 6-10 hours of off-road pounding.

Core strength means hips, butt, lower back and abdomen. It means flexing and extending the trunk as in back extensions and crunches. It also means stabilizing against a force such as gravity in exercises such as bridging. Integration exercises that work the abdominal, back, hip and butt muscles all at the same time are the best core strengthening exercises.

The top core training exercise for mountain biking is the RKC Plank…

Find out how to build strength with this essential exercise.

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