Haksteen Pan

This area belongs to the “Mier”. They’re an indigenous community, sharing all of the area. Places such as Rietfontein , Klipkolk and Groot Mier are at the core. The Mier people are extremely friendly – you should be too!

You can start just about anywhere on the Pan – as long as there is a road to it. It’s a good idea to invest in the Topographical 1:50 000 maps as described below. You’ll use it for more than just your Mtb experience. The legendary “Lost City of the Kalahari” is near the Pan and better known as “Eierdop Koppies” You can ride all the way there from Klipkolk – about 12km away and along the Southern edge of Hakskeens Pan.


Easy all round – It can’t get flatter than this.


As long – or short – as you wish.


The Pan is your “oyster”. Why not combine the Pan ride with a ride to the “Lost City of the Kalahari”?


You can either start at Klipkolk at 26º 52′ 371″ South and 20º 05′ 329″ East at or drive to the edge of the pan at 26º 48′ 175″ South and 20º 09′ 488″ East, between Philandersbron and Klein Mier.


100% solid Pan-sand with Desert shrub along the Southern and Western edges.

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