Hedianga Farm

A new Mountain biking trail marked out at Hedianga Farm. This trail set out on mainly jeep track is a 7km basic trail.

From Menlyn, travel east on Atterbury Road.
Cross over Solomon Mahlangu (formerley Hans Strydom Drive) and continue to the four way stop at the intersection with Olympus Drive ( “Afgri City” and “Plant land”).
Continue thru this 4 way Stop up the hill.
Turn left into “Ajax” Road. Take Ajax all the way to the T Junction with Achilles Way, and turn left again into Achilles. Plot 85 will be on your right hand side about 100m down the road.
Due to construction and services installation Achilles drive has been closed between Ajax road and the entrance to Hedianga farm. We do not know for how long this will be the case so in the mean time here are the detour directions to take to get onto Achilles from the other end of Achilles. You need to take your usual route up Atterbury road and turn left into Ajax as before. The first municipal road to the left is Midas. Turn left into Midas then right into Neptune and then follow Neptune to the T junction with Achilles. Turn right into Achilles. There will be a construction official who has instructions to only allow residents in. Tell him that you are going to Plot 85 and insist that he let you in.

At this stage the amenities include clean toilets and running water.

Access Times:
Every day with the exception of certain public holidays and religious holidays.
Sundays to Saturday 6.30.am to 6.30pm

We would prefer you to not come in after 6.00 pm , and hope that you will be out by dusk! Obviously in summer time we will extend closing time.

Entrance fee:

Saturdays’ Sundays’ and weekdays:
Your paid ticket is now valid for the day that you pay plus the next consecutive 6 days.
Adults (13 years and older): R25.00 per person
Children (12 years and younger) R10.00 per child
Horses and Dogs: welcome (Bring a leash) Free.

Important Notice

The New “On Leash” Rules

The increasing attendance of guests to the farm poses a burden of responsibility on the management of Hedianga Farm and it can be expected that from time to time rules and restrictions need to be implemented which will ensure the rights, safety and enjoyment all of our guests regardless of which outdoor sport they practice.
We have therefore resolved to institute “On Leash” rules for dogs. In order to accommodate all of our guests we have resolved not to enforce a blanket “Leash On” Rule for all pets at all times.
In setting the rules we have taken three factors into account as follows:

1. Points of congregation
There are and in time there will be more places where there will be a concentration of sports guests and pets. For example, from the main entrance, to and including the position of entry registration, parking lots, picnic areas and dams or drinking stations.
These locations will be marked as “On leash Zones” and pet owners will be obliged to keep there pets on leashes at all times in these areas (zones)
2. Time allocation.
There are many more sporting enthusiasts who visit Hedianga without dogs than those who visit with their dogs and therefore time slots need to be specified for when runners and bikers must be reassured that all dogs are on a leash when they are on the farm. During “off peak” times when dogs can be off leash, runners and bikers may still practice there sport during these times if they feel comfortable to do so.
Permission to unleash will apply only in areas that are not “on leash zones” and will generally begin 200 to 500 meters from the focal point of an “On leash zone” and as already mentioned shall only be permitted only at allowed “off leash” times.

3. Dog behaviour
The assumption is made that a dog visiting Hedianga Farm is more likely to be unruly and ill disciplined in the first half hour of its visit than that at the end of its visit. The excitement of being able to run free, mark new territory, smell hundreds of new scents, encounter other animals and the challenge of establishing its position in this new environments pecking order can all lead to an exuberance and excitement that is actually almost uncontainable on the dogs part. Patrons are requested to bear this in mind and are advised to try and retain the dog/s on a leash until he/she has calmed down.
Therefore we request that for the first fifteen minutes of a visit, from the moment the dog enters the main gate on foot or exits from the car in the parking lot, the dog must be on leash until it has walked with its owner out of the “On leash zone” and has spent some of its energy.

Your co-operation in this regard will be truly appreciated
Hedianga Farm Management
The “On leash” and the “Off leash”
times shall be as follows
“On Leash”Times
On weekdays:
6.30 am until 9 am
12 noon until dark (closing time).

On Saturdays:
6.30 am until 4 pm

Sundays and Public Holidays:
6.30 am until 9 am
12 noon until 4 pm

“Off Leash” Times
On Weekdays:
9.00am until 12 noon

On Saturdays:
After 4pm until dark(closing time)

On Sundays:
9.00am until 12 noon

After 4pm until dark(closing time).

During Dog related events “off leash” shall apply through out unless specified otherwise by event organisers.
During all other events “On Leash” at all times.

Pets may run free provided they do so within the scope of the afore mentioned “On leash” and “Off leash” rules but may not chase or alarm mounted riders/ horses etc.
Owners whose pets catch and kill any indigenous wild animal/birdlife on the farm will be expected to pay for damages and the pets will be banned from the farm.

Protective gear:
Regulation Helmets compulsory for all
Protective clothing: strongly recommended.
No vehicles beyond designated parking areas.
No petrol driven, bikes, quads, mopeds without exception.
No fires please, (extinguish and carry your “stompies”).
No capture or picking of Fauna and Flora permitted.
No Hunting.

Security and “Other Hazards” Warning:
At present there is no security and riding on your own is not recommended. There are venomous snakes on the property and although most will be hibernating at this time of the year, visitors are encouraged to be alert at all times (especially pedestrians)
Future planning:
The proceeds of the Gate takings will be utilised in the future to repair fencing, establish ablutions, picnic areas, trails, and other outdoor facilities as the need arises.

Indemnity / Disclaimer
All members of the public entering upon the premises of Hedianga Investments (Pty) Ltd situated at portion 18 of the farm Tweefontein 372 JR and Plot 85 Oympus Agricultural Holdings do so entirely at their own risk and Hedianga Investments (Pty) Ltd, its directors, members, employees and/or agents are indemnified by all members of the public who enter upon the premises against all or any losses, injury, accidents or damages of any nature whatsoever, which they may suffer or sustain whilst on the said premises and Hedianga Investments (Pty) Ltd, its directors, members, employees and/or agents shall not be held responsible for any such losses, injury, accidents or damage.

Contact Details

  1. Email: hediangafarm@absamail.co.za
  2. Phone: +27 82 552 0955
  3. Website: hedianga.farm