Helderberg Mtb Trails

Helderberg Trail Co prides themselves on the ability to build world class MTB trails for all skill levels of riders.


There are four individual loops: a 4km GREEN Loop (70m ascent) for Beginners; a 6km BLUE Loop (150m ascent) for up to Intermediate; the 14km RED Loop (500m ascent)  for more experienced riders; and finally the 17km BLACK Loop (700m ascent) for the truly committed MTB crowd.

Know that you are starting from the foot of this imposing mountain, but the climbing comes with an exceptional pay-off (or you can take out a permit for a personal shuttle). All trails have been designed and built by Jan Van Schalkwyk (the name behind the original Steilte and Hermanus MTB Trails) and partner in crime, Andrew Neethling, a professional mountain biker who honed his skills on this very mountain.

There are a range of possible combos of the BLACK/RED Loops, and the fun part is to go seek out a configuration best suited to yourself – one thing is for sure, you will never get bored. Helderberg Trails also offer some epic Enduro lines, as well as a world-class Downhill Track. Their overall aim is to help riders improve and reach riding goals through constantly scaping new lines and features, including additional options such as an accessible pump track and 500m flow-trail.


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