Henderson Valley MTB Route

In April 2011 two members of the Henderson Farmers Association, John Potter and Rob Snelling were enjoying a leisurely cycle down the Henderson valley when they decided it would be nice to share it.

They decided on a couple of routes which would follow the Thomas river as much as possible while exposing cyclists to the staggering views and an interesting variety of challenges. Two months and a flurry of activity later the ride was done, dusted and much enjoyed by the novice organisers. We received 186 entries – a tribute to John’s organisational skills and long list of contacts. Spurred on by this success the community has rallied to make this an annual event. Proceeds go to the struggling farmers association and Callie Evens Lodge old age and retirement home.

Contact Details

  1. Email: john@thomasriver.com
  2. Phone: 045-843-1740
  3. Website: hendersonvalleymtb.yolasite.com