Holla Trails

Holla Trails consists of over 340kms of marked and signed trails and is continually being improved and added! There are trails for both novice and experienced mountain bikers alike. Riders are amazed at the variety of track and spectacular scenery that is available. There is plenty of track for the newer riders and it will finally give many people who want to get into mountain biking the chance to get out without getting lost and risking trespassing. The sport of mtb has been given a huge boost by becoming more accessible to aspirant riders.

The Holla Trails Centre hosted by Collisheen Estates is a great venue where riders are able to park their cars in a secure environment, and shower after their ride before enjoying drinks and a light meal on weekends. The emphasis at the trail head is to create an environment that returns kids and families to the outdoor activities of the days of old. You won’t find any computer games or cartoon networks here. It’s all about getting outside to play.

What we do:

Mark and manage trails of varying length and difficulty so that cyclists of all abilities can partake in the sport of mountain biking without fear of getting lost and trespassing.
Build and maintain new single track where landowners are kind enough to allow us access.
Protect the landowners by only allocating permits to riders who have signed the rider indemnities.
Provide liability insurance with the permit to minimise the risks of the cyclists.
Spend 20 % of our trail team’s time controlling noxious weeds on behalf of the farmers as a gesture of thanks for being allowed on their lands.
Manage the mountain biking in the greater Ballito and Umhlali area so that the farmers suffer from a minimum of hassle and continue to permit us to use their private lands for our mountain biking pleasure.
To grow the sport of mountain biking by making it possible for new riders to enter the sport easily.
What we don’t do:

Provide a collection service for riders who are broken down or injured. (We do not have the man power or facilities). MTB is a fairly dangerous adventure sport. The further out from the trail head you go, the bigger the risk you take of getting lost, or injured without help at hand. This is your choice to take these risks. We will endeavour to assist in any way we can in an emergency but cannot promise anything at all. Please see the detailed indemnity.
We don’t manicure our trails! Our single track is well maintained to provide an awesome riding experience. However with weather and farm traffic, the trails are always in a state of change. Riders must realise that the trail can change from one week to the next and must ride accordingly. With 340 km of trails, potholes, ruts and other changes to the trails must be anticipated.

Garmin Route options available for download on the website

Contact Details

  1. Email: trailmaster@hollatrails.co.za
  2. Phone: 074-897-8559
  3. Website: www.hollatrails.co.za


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