How to carry your bike on the trails


Doing the Wines2Whales?

Well you will have to carry your bike up a compulsory portage area. Follow these 7 easy steps to look like a pro dashing up the mountain pass.

  1. If you have more than one chainring put your chain on the biggest ring!
  2. Stand next to the bike with the drivetrain facing away from you.3. Position the cranks so the crank arm facing you points to 6 o’clock, the ground

 4. Get into a ‘squat’ position and place your right hand on the crank arm, close to the bottom bracket and your left hand on the fork lower closest to you


5. Stand up using the power of your legs and rest the downtube across your shoulders


 6. Get comfortable by centering the weight of the bike, this normally means bringing the bottom bracket towards your neck

 7. Set off up the pass making sure to place your feet well before applying all of your weight, remember you are now slightly top heavy with the bike on your back, you’ll get up the pass quicker than the ox wagons 😉 a natural mountain goat!

After the trek up, enjoy the A to Z trails.