One BIG secret to increasing your Fitness Activity by 25%

The smoothie!

Yes it is true, South Africans are driven by the promise of a free smoothie or coffee, they change their behaviour by a whopping 25% just to get the rewards of a free iced cold smoothie.

smoothie1Discovery  recently launched their Vitality Rewards App, offering the reward of a free smoothie or coffee if weekly fitness goals are achieved. The results far exceed their expectations, causing a an unprecedented spike in call centre queries and volume of eager members to sign up.

So what is it about human nature that drives us to do something? Are we driven by the promise of a free smoothie? Are we driven by that shiny Apple Watch that prompts us to move if we are to sedentary? Are we motivated by that little blue circle that spins round and flashed “Achieved”?

apple watch                                   discovery app1 vitality