Introducing ROAM SPORTS and Kogel Bearings

ROAM Sport

South African cyclists now have more access to bespoke component upgrades, thanks to ROAM SPORTS. Founded in 2021, by mountain biker Matthew Stamatis, the company focuses on making high quality products available to the South African market. ROAM SPORTS’ stable of offerings is set to grow but the company launched by securing the exclusive South African distribution rights to Kogel ceramic bearings.

Utilising a blend of direct-to-consumer and a bespoke physical store distribution model, cyclists can purchase ROAM SPORTS’ products online or in select local bicycle stores. The online store runs on the Shopify platform and features nationwide shipping billed at a flat rate; except on orders containing a Kogel Kolossos oversized rear derailleur cage, or a set of pulley wheels and a bottom bracket, where shipping is free. ROAM SPORTS endeavours to ensure all orders are delivered within 48-hours and will communicate any unexpected delays with customers, especially those who live in rural areas where the 48-hour delivery time is not always achievable.

ROAM SPORTS launched by introducing Kogel Bearings to the South African cycling market. Designed and developed in El Paso, Texas, Kogel Bearings are the brainchild of former Belgian bicycle shop owner Ard Kessels. He was frustrated by the quality of stock bearings which many of the bikes he sold came equipped with. As a result, Kessels developed a range of bottom brackets specific to frame and crank type combinations to eliminate the use of spacers and adapters usually needed when fitting generic products. Living in Belgium, he knew the abuse bearings take when exposed to inclement weather and the conditions created by it. With this knowledge and experience, he then developed bearing seals specific to riding terrain and conditions to help improve the durability of his bearings. Kogel’s full product line of ceramic bottom brackets, derailleur pulleys, oversized derailer cages and wheel bearings are available, exclusively, through ROAM SPORTS in South Africa.

“I’m really excited to launch ROAM SPORTS and introduce South African riders to Kogel Bearings” company founder Matthew Stamatis said. “I’ve been using their oversized derailleur pulleys and ceramic bottom brackets on my bikes for a few months now and can attest to how smooth and fast they are. As a road- and mountain- biker myself it was essential to me that any products ROAM SPORTS sells have a real-world benefit to South African cyclists.”

ROAM SPORTS founder Matthew Stamatis with his Kogel equipped Cannondale SuperSix Evo. Photo by Coetzer Cooke.

“Kogel Bearings are just the start however” Stamatis continued. “I hope to announce more exciting products soon. Not just in the cycling space. But they’ll all be outdoor orientated and thoroughly tested in local conditions to ensure they add value to South African outdoors-men and -women.”

For more information on ROAM SPORTS and Kogel Bearings visit To stay up to date on the company’s latest offerings follow @roam_sports_za on Instagram.

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