Joberg2C Day 7 – Glencairn Farm – Sani Pass Road to Mackenzie Club

Day 7 – Glencairn Farm – Sani Pass Road to Mackenzie Club

An easier flowing rest day at MacKenzie Club, Masanini School, Moth Club

Distance: 82km
Ascent: 914m
Descent: 1356m

Wake up to the smell of Seattle Coffee and the fresh Underberg air. Day 7, by comparison to what you have ridden will be a rest day. It is the start of the last three days which most of you know is also the same route as the 3-day Sani2c. This is also the first day we will be batching the start. The reason is to avoid congestion on the single-track sections of happiness.

As you enter the Oak single-track, flying over the floating bridge and descending to Water Point 1 – you will know what fast, flowing single-track is about.

View climb at the 27km mark, ends after the curved floating bridge. We will have a prize for the most spectacular bomb into the dam for sure.

The Pevensey Water Point at the 39km mark is run by a group of really special people. They love serving riders Coke and doughnuts. There is a good chance they may pour the Coke on your head and eat the doughnuts before you get one, but all in all they are great value and they certainly remind us to not take anything too seriously.

Leaving Water Point 1 you will head for some SAPPI plantations before entering the famous Xumeni Indigenous forest. This is home to the Cape Parrot. This endangered species is a special bird that, if spotted, will make your day. They often call out to riders calling them names.

You exit the forests crossing over the railway line at Donnybrook and then you are in for a refreshing Water Point 2 hosted by the Ixopo Junior School before you tackle Bowman’s climb. By now you will be so strong this climb will feel like a bump.

More single-track through plantations in New Wappo and Muffin Top and more fast dirt road before your final tester of the day – Tiny’s climb into MacKenzie Club. The folk at MacKenzie are seasoned pros, they have been doing this for years. Buzz Hauff and his crew will be waiting with great food and one or ten Clover vanilla milks. The collective effort between MacKenzie Club, Masanini School and the Moth Club always ensure a great race village with years of experience.