Kurisa Moya

Take a mountain bike adventure through five different habitats on the farm including indigenous forest, grasslands and mountains. Experience single track, switchbacks, technical riding and interesting obstacles along these fast-paced trails.

Beginner Trail:

This trail starts with a single-track downhill through indigenous forest, which makes for an awesome beginning to a breath-taking trail. The trail makes its way along farm roads before moving onto a cattle track, which is fast and flowing. Just after the cattle track there is a rocky but do-able dry river bed crossing. Enjoy the quiet, easy cruise along farm roads before encountering the “switchbacks” where you will ride and learn. Once at the top of the hill you will make your way back to the farmhouse via the entrance road. This trail is approximately 7 kilometres.

Intermediate Trail:

This trail starts on the beginner’s trail up until the top of the “switchbacks”. From here you will cruise along farm roads until you reach the “hike-a-bike hill”. Now you will continue on through the farm along forestry roads until you reach the furthest boundary where you will encounter a memorable downhill single-track with technical corners and various obstacles along the way. This single-track will take you through some of South Africa’s finest indigenous forests. The last section of the trail is a single-track through a pine plantation that drops out onto a farm road which leads you back to the start.

Advanced Trail:

The advanced trail starts by riding the intermediate trail. When reaching the end of this trail you will make your way up towards Schnellskop, the second highest peak in the area. The first section of the advanced trail is a tough granny-gear climb that at times becomes quite rocky. After some hard work you will reach some flat, forest roads which take you towards Schnellskop peak. The last kilometre to the top of Schnellskop is a concrete road known as “death by concrete”. This may be a monster to climb but makes for a fast and furious descent on the way down. The route to the finish follows the same forestry roads back before taking a new route down the mountain to Kurisa Moya. It is important to practice caution on this descent into the lodge because the gum branches and leaves are very slippery.

Contact Details

  1. Email: info@krm.co.za
  2. Phone: 071 -658-6980
  3. Website: www.krm.co.za