Lanseria Loop

This ride takes in a mix of district dirt roads, tarred road, dirt road shoulders and singletrack from the Lanseria Airport to the Hills and Dales Conservancy and Chartwell. [div2 class=”highlight1″]

On your bike

Lanseria: From the airport gate turn right onto dirt. Follow this road, initially riding cattle tracks to the right along the perimeter of the airport. Expect a roller coaster downhill with sweeping views and plenty of corrugations. On the low level bridge crossing with the Jukskei River watch out for a huge, wheel-eating hole under the water and try not to get your feet soaked. Bear left up a demanding climb after crossing the river and turn right at the T-junction with a board showing numbers 18 to 1. (Turning left here will take you past the pig farm and up a very challenging climb to ‘Ladybird Castle’). Following the perimeter of Northern Farm, ride a cattle track under the power lines on the left – it’s far smoother than the road. Still following Northern Farm perimeter, turn right into the ‘Hills and Dales Road’ at the next T-junction, and climb all the way up over the N14 freeway.

Turn right onto the R114. Ride the roller coaster tarmac past Riverfield Lodge until you have crossed the Jukskei again. Just after the bridge, turn left and go up behind Heron Bridge staff village. You can either follow the tracks across the soccer fields riding parallel to the R114, or at the confluence of the Klein Jukskei and the Jukskei, turn right and prepare to ride Gauteng’s best singletrack. After 3km of bliss next to the Klein Jukskei, reluctantly turn right onto Cedar Road. At the top of this demanding climb back up to the R114, follow the road signs back to Lanseria, riding the R512 road shoulders if traffic becomes stressful

Chartwell: Detour briefly to visit the Cuckoo’s Nest restaurant by crossing the Klein Jukskei at the confluence. After 50m take the right fork for about 300m to the Chartwell North security fence. If the gate is locked, ask Mark (082 574 6688) to open it for you. Go through the gate, turn right and follow Woburn Avenue for 400m to Wing Haven/Cuckoo’s Nest. Return to the confluence to continue your ride after the visit. If you choose to avoid the detour, (or after your detour) after about 1 km you will pass Wing Haven/Cuckoos Nest on the opposite bank of the river. Go past and cross the flat concrete bridge and walk your bike to the lawns for a rewarding break in your ride.

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