Combining the single tracks with the farm roads and the 4×4 trails, it is possible to complete a 60km ride without repeating.

Making best use of the varied topography, Lindani has established eight stretches of single track – approx 50kms – that will challenge the experienced and at the same time offer the less experienced riders a very rewarding ride – technical stretches are all marked to enable riders to take the necessary precautions. The design of the trails, the beautiful scenery through which they pass and the complete sense of isolation from the outside world all combine to make mountain biking at Lindani such a special experience.
Combining the single tracks with the farm roads and the 4×4 trails, it is possible to complete a 60km ride without repeating.

A – As Good as it Gets (6.9km)
A1 – Part 1 (4.2km)
From the highest point on the farm, a descent into the Hidden Valley, then up through a fault, down past the Bushcamp, fun winding track with a few small technical drops and climbs and beautiful bushveld and trees along the way. At the end of Part 1 of As Good As it Gets, one can take a split down to Roller Coaster Ravine or carry on to the second part of As Good As It Gets.
A2 – Part 2 (2.7km)
A fun fast descending track along some rock shelf-plates with the final part being a steepish rock-garden that comes out at the Koperspruit. The last technical stretch needs to be treated with considerable respect. The trail is best ridden downhill.
B – Roller Coaster Ravine (2.5km)
An offshoot from As Good As It Gets (A1) as an alternative to the final stretch of that trail. Descends 120m to the Koperspruit with a very steep and stony initial stretch of about 150m. Thereafter a fast exhilarating downhill ride along the length of a Kloof through some beautiful woodlands ending up with a wet crossing of the Koperspruit and onto the road between the Stone House and Loft. For maximum enjoyment this thrilling trail should be ridden downhill.
C – Three Amps (18km)
A circular trail that must be ridden in a clockwise direction.The trail starts with a 6 km climb on good single tracks with a few steeper short climbs. One is rewarded at the top with a magnificent view overlooking a beautiful amphitheater below. From there it’s a very technical long steep descent into the 2nd amphitheater down an old pass close to thickly wooded cliffs. The experienced rider will love this bit. The trail then winds its way through thick bushveld followed by a short steep climb over a ridge into the 1st amphitheater. There are dramatic views looking back up at the cliff faces. The trail then heads around a large koppie including a drop down a wooden ramp. It then heads back through the second amphitheater again. At the top of the ridge between the 2nd and 3rd amphitheater, there is the option to go left out of a gate and over the district road to KameelPerd Koppie (K). Otherwise it’s a fast flowing single track down through the 3rd amphitheater coming out between the staff village and the main house. One will definitely be super ‘amped’ after riding this trail. There is a short cut option after descending into the 2nd amphitheater where one can turn right and head home, thereby cutting out the first amphitheater and koppie section.
D – Down and Out (2.2km)
Starts at the top of the ridge between the Stone House and Motseng and runs along a shelf before descending 120m on a fun winding single track. The first drop is relatively steep but the rest of the ride has an easy flow to it with a few switch back turns. The trail comes out at the Koperspruit – sometimes a wet crossing. Best ridden from top to bottom, but can also be ridden in an upward direction for the more technically able.
E – Easy Rider (4.5km)
A fun trail that runs between the office and Motseng Lodge and links nicely with Topsy Turvy (F) and the end of As Good As It Gets (A2). It starts by branching off the loop road above the office. Beginning as a gently flowing track along a rock shelf with a few mildly technical drops, it then follows a fast long downhill through woodland and open fields to the Melkrivier, eventually ending up at what are known as the Flat Rocks. Crossing the river will link with TopsyTurvy (F). Riders need to be careful at the two jeep track crossings for possible cars. This trail can be ridden both ways but is most fun from East to West (downhill).
F- TopsyTurvy (6.2km)
F1 – Main TopsyTurvy (6.2km)
A beautiful ride that starts at the Melkrivier in front of Motseng Lodge and at the one end of Easy Rider (E). It wanders on a level through two amphitheaters, crosses the Melkrivier before ascending in a steady climb over a ridge, then back down a rock shelf, up another technical winding track and exiting at a jeep track. It then links with a farm road for a long steady descent to the Melkrivier. It can be ridden both ways. There is the option to join to TopsyTurvy Extreme (F2).
F2 – TopsyTurvey extreme (3.0 km)
A technically challenging ride around the koppie above Motseng Lodge. It is best ridden in a clockwise direction and starts at the end of TopsyTurvey (riding it clockwise) just as it goes back onto jeep track. It is a rocky ride with some technical climbs and drops. Those who enjoy something more technical will like this one.
G – The Ridge (2.6km)
G1 (1.5km)
Running along a ridge parallel to the Koperfontein field, it can be ridden both ways. Mildly technical with drops or climbs depending on the direction ridden. It is a good trail to link with the end of Down and Out (D) after crossing the Koperspruit.
G 2 (1.1km)
A continuation of riding on the first part of The Ridge (G1), this part of the trail travels along the Koperfontein field before heading on a fun rocky winding trail that exits at a jeep track. The trail can be ridden both ways. From North to South is a fun way to ride it if one wants to ride G1 in a downhill direction.
K – Kameelperd Koppie (5.6km)
A fun challenging ride below the dramatic Kameelperd Koppie. The trail starts at the quarry near the road. This can be accessed either from the gate on the road or by riding up the jeep track from gate 4. Winding its way along flowing single track through some beautiful open woodland, it then climbs up alongside the cliffs of Kameelperd Koppie through a fairly technical rocky section. It takes a dramatic drop downhill on very rocky terrain. The experienced rider will wish for this section to carry on longer. It then turns back in a westerly direction down a magic fast flowing track through a beautiful woodland section. It joins up with a jeep track that either goes left across Skebenga dam or right back to gate no 4.

While the trails are primarily for the benefit of Lindani guests staying at the lodges, a maximum of 12 day visitors can ride the trails by prior arrangement with the office. An indemnity form has to be signed and the charge is R100 per rider.
Special rates are available for Clubs occupying one of the bigger lodges.

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