Mbotyi MTB Routes

There are a variety of mapped trails in the Mbotyi vicinity for both the experienced cyclist looking for a challenge and the leisure cyclist looking for a gentle meander around the area. These trails take you through the forest and up on to the grassland escarpment.

Distance 42 & 33km
Single Track 4%
Jeep Track 7%
Gravel Road 89%
Tar 0%
Un-ridable 0%
Highest Point 516m
Lowest Point 2m
Total Ascent 650m & 540m
Fun Factor 7/10
Aerobic Factor 9/10
Short Description Long climbs to see un-paralleled natural beauty!
Technical Difficulty Some technical descents to get the adrenalin flowing!
Aerobic Difficulty The long hard climb out of Mbotyi is testing!

Getting There:

Get yourself to the R61 which is the road linking Port st Johns to Port Edward. Then 35km North from Port st Johns , just as you enter the bustling little town Lusikisiki, there is a signposted turn to the right to Mbotyi. This is a cement road with very well camouflaged speed bumps – so beware! Roughly 5km down this road you turn off to the right at a sign to Mbotyi again. Then you just follow this road all the way down to Mbotyi through the Magwa Tea Estate.

Route Description:

Mbotyi has two routes on offer:

The first is a lovely scenic route up to Magwa Falls. You could pack a snack and ride out to these magnificent falls and just sit and absorb the amazingness of this natural wonder. This route is 42km long, out and back, and follows gravel roads all the way. Some might think this boring, but it is quite an experience to cycle for miles through a operating tea plantation. The views are something to be experienced.

Then there as a nice loop taking you up the same hill out of Mbotyi and then past Angel Falls, well worth stopping to take a look. Then the gravel turns South for an amazing downhill, and then meanders through a small rural village, where after you reach a FM Tower. From here you crash down a hill along fishermen-paths to the beach. You will cross a small lagoon and then find your way back to the Mbotyi hotel.

Contact Details

  1. Email: info@mbotyi.co.za
  2. Phone: 082-674-1064
  3. Website: www.mbotyi.co.za