Modderfontein Nature Reserve

The 275-hectare private park is the second-largest private park in Gauteng and includes portions of the Modderfontein Spruit, a number of dams, grassland and hills.

Opening and Closing Times:

6 am to 6 pm everyday and to 10 pm on Wednesdays

Welcome to the new Central Park Trails website – home of the Ride Free Bike Park at Modderfontein Nature Reserve

Our little piece of Heaven is a mere 5km (as the crow flies) from Sandton, situated in the Modderfontein Nature Reserve. It is in this spectacular setting that our dedicated team has managed to design and create a haven for mountain bikers, trail runners and walkers alike.

Countless hours have been spent cutting and implementing trails which can be utilised by regular enthusiasts as well as novice and beginner riders. The exhilarating trails are a combination of jeep track, single track and some technical rocky sections. Riders can be sure that every month a new and exciting addition shall be added to the trails to continue to bring you the best possible riding in Joburg.

The trails are situated within a security fence which is patrolled 24 hours a day by security vehicles and guards on bikes which is a welcomed relief.


There are various loops catering for all skill levels, and can be tailor made to be as short or long as the rider/runner prefers. Predominantly single track, with jeep track sections interspersed, the trail begins at “Isideleki” where you will be able to enjoy a coffee before or after at the new coffee shop of Val Bonne. From here onwards the rider must choose the distance and relevant loop. Follow the arrows to be taken on a rollercoaster ride throughout the forests and circumnavigate the six dams on the property. While they say Joburg is flat, on the longest loop a rider will climb approximately 480m.

The yellow / red routes have an approximate distance of 32km / 42km. Both routes continually feed back onto the green loop, however they do encapsulate the true essence of mountain biking by including single track sections. The single track winds its way through the forests and trees, taking riders on an exhilarating rollercoaster adventure, with a couple of river crossings to be encountered.

There is wildlife on the property, including wildebeest, zebra, springbok and blesbok with loads of birdlife and there are a few dams too. You get a feeling of being deep in the bush at times, incredible considering you’re just a few kilometres from the city.


In order to gain access to the trails all trail users will be required to fill out an indemnity form and pay the prescribed entry fee. Trail users are reminded that AECI land is off limits to any person who has not filled out the indemnity form and paid the prescribed fee. This is vital as the operations and manufacturing of highly dangerous chemicals within the AECI property must be taken into consideration AND BROUGHT TO THE ATTENTION OF ALL THOSE ENTERING THE AREA. ANY PERSON CAUGHT UTILISNG THE TRAILS WITHOUT FILLING IN THE INDEMNITY FORM SHALL BE DEALT WITH TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW AS A TRESSPASSER.

Please keep in mind that it is an absolute privilege to be able to utilise the land for the purposes of mountain biking, running and hiking, and that all users need to bear that in mind when utilising the trails.

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