Norm – Hudlin MTB Route

The Norm-Hudlin MTB Trails are situated close to Port Elizabeth in the Kragga Kamma area. These purpose-built routes hug the coastal slopes, zigzagging amid established primary sand forest vegetation, with a variety of gravel roads in the immediate area also open for mountain bikers to explore.

Distance 30km(actually 26km) (as well as shorter variations)
Single Track 89%
Jeep Track 11%
Gravel Road 0%
Tar 0%
Un-ridable 0%
Highest Point 195m
Lowest Point 170m
Total Ascent 160m
Fun Factor 6/10
Aerobic Factor 3/10
Short Description Super-smooth km’s of hand crafted single track!
Technical Difficulty Not technical AT ALL! Very beginner Friendly
Aerobic Difficulty You will be pedalling all the time. Flat, flat, flat.

Getting There:

In Port Elizabeth, get yourself to the Kragga Kamma Road (M15) . Then as you are heading out of and away from the Lorraine area, you will cross a train track as you transition from suburban area to ‘farmlands’. Follow the M15 for 3,4km after crossing the train track, then Norm Hudlin Trails will be on your right-hand side.

Route Description:

This trail was hand built by a passionate mountain biker. And his vision was to build a trail that would be beginner friendly, and at the same time be a track that the top riders can train on. And according to me, he succeeded 100%. I say this because, although the track is not technical at all at low speeds, it becomes much more of a challenge, the faster you go. The twists and narrowness keeps you honest when you turn up the speed.

Beginner Mountain Bikers are encouraged to go and experience the Norm Hudlin trails. The trails are super easy to navigate, and there are plenty opportunities to shorten your ride…..or extend your ride if you are having fun! There are a couple humps and bumps here and there, but they are always in plain view, so you can plan your move, and position yourself properly on the bike, before giving it a go!

I think all new mountain bikes should be sold with a free entry to Norm Hudlin MTB Trails, so that all new mountain bikers can experience the beauty of losing yourself in nature on a bike.

The entire trail is enclosed with proper fencing, so the trail is super safe for ladies and kids.

Contact Details

  1. Phone: 072-800-9518
  2. Website: