Normandien Pass MTB Trail

Dirt roads and some tarmac. Not suitable for children, unless you have a backup vehicle. Riding is good all year round, but you might have to face snow in winter

This is an ideal ride for a taste of “bike packing” or genuine endurance training. The circuit is very scenic, meandering through the foothills of the Drakensberg.

On your bike

Except for 21 km of tarred road at the end of the pass, it is all along secondary dirt roads, known only to the local communities. The circuit starts and ends at the Mullers Pass General Dealer in KwaZulu-Natal, but includes a 30 km stint through the Free State. At the Mullerspas shop, turn left onto dirt. The climb up Mullers Pass begins at the 7.8 km mark, and is the first of many ups and downs.

After the turn-off to Memel, it’s a roller coaster ride to Normandien Pass along the S783. Normandien Pass is definitely the highlight of this ride. At 57km be sure to stop and admire the incredible view from “Noah’s Ark”, a large rock near the top of the Pass which is vaguely shaped like a boat. To the left is the Holkrans Mountain ridge, covered with a vast expanse of indigenous forest. To the right is the ‘Berg. Ahead of you lies Newcastle and the shimmering Chelmsford Dam. The reward is a 7 km flight down the pass. This descent is technically demanding and very steep in some sections, so make sure your brakes are plush. Turn left and ride the last 21 km on tar, back to the Mullers Pass General Dealer.

By road (57 km): For all those caught somewhere in between MTB and road cycling, this road route follows the perimeter of Ntsingwayo (Chelmsford) Dam. The dam is 25 km outside Newcastle CBD and can be accessed by exiting town along Scott Street.

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