Oewerzicht Farm

The trails are designed with Everyone in mind! Ride though the Rockhopper forest with your kids or ride the red loop to train for the Epic! And of course there’s a whole lot of options in between…

Easy fun ride…

If you’re not too fit you’d spend most of your time on the green route and you can take short cuts if you want to ride a shorter distance. If you want to stay close to home have fun in the Rockhopper forest, ride along the Gobos river or try a slightly longer loop up to the Bench and a lookout over Greyton. These trails are fun for all ages but experienced riders also have lots of fun here so you can expect to be overtaken by some “racing snakes”! Start in Greyton for these easier trails.

Longer and harder…

If you are fit and enjoy the downs that come with the ups look at the blue and red loops. The blue route is almost as long as the red loop but cuts out most of the serious climbing. To do the whole red loop will take longer than 2 hours – if you want to push yourself but don’t have the time ride the red and take a shortcut at junction 6.

Nakkieskloof, Cattle Baron, Rocky Horror, Korlandskloof, you gotta try them all. Bakenskop is the toughest climb but the view over Greyton and Genadendal and the sometimes tricky sometimes sweeping singles are great! Nakkieskloof is the most technical descent but can still be taken at speed.

Before you ride. Look at the map and plan a basic route. The numbers on the map are at important intersections and they also appear on the route markers so that you can refer back to the map to confirm where you are.

FREE There is no charge for riding the Rockhopper forest or along the Gobos river banks and the Green loop.


Easy to Difficult


Depends on option chosen, up to 3 hours.


Various loops ranging from 13.5km to 38 km. See Map below for details.


All our routes start at the Oak & Vigne Cafe in Greyton but you can also start at the Genadendal Moravian church square.


Singel track, jeeptrack, gravel road etc…


Permits required for the Blue and Red routes. Availible at Oak and Vigne, and the Tourism Offices.


A quaint country village, bike shop, restaurants, coffee shops. Contact Andrew for more information.


Following the fires in the Rockhopper forest loop area please be aware of possible obstacles on the trails.

Contact Details

  1. Email: andrew@greytonmtb.com
  2. Phone: 028 254-9831
  3. Website: www.oewerzicht.co.za