Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve

The Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve, with its giant granite boulders dating back more than 500 million years, provides a spectacular backdrop to this enjoyable MTB ride. Leisure cruising on good dirt roads with a gentle gradient makes this trail suitable for the whole family

Paarl / Stellenbosch
Distance: 70 Time: 3:30 Paarl, Simondium, Pniel, Helshoogte, Stellenbosch, Koelenhof Kromme Rhee Rd,Elsenburg, Klapmuts, Fairview, Paarl.

Anyswortelrug Pad
Distance: 30km Time: 1:30 Fairview, Landskroon, Klapmuts via farms, Animal zone loop, back via trainline

Koei Lite
Distance: 33 Time: 1:30 North on main, 4 way, left 500m after 1st Lady Loch, farm roads link to koei se pad, back past Rhebokskloof

Nederburg loop short
Distance: 24 Time: 1:15

Nederburg *
Distance: 33km Time: 1:40 Nederburg Loop, right onto Swaeltjie Pad, De Hoop bricks, back to swaeltjie pad, back to Sonstraal via farm roads

Distance: – Time: – Basic layout and naming of all roads on Paarl mountain.

Hawequa – Wellington
Distance: 56km Time: 3hrs Ride 1933 26/11/2011 Hawequa, Beulah, Wellington farm rd, Lady loch back via 4way

Paarl Mt – 35km
Distance: 35km Time: 2-2½hrs Jan Phillips from the North, Tower, Cement path, Oudside loop, xmas camp,down south.

Wellington loop – 36km
Distance: 36km Time: 1:40 Main street North, 4way, 1st Lady Loch turn off, wellington main, back on JvRiebeeck dr

Malmesbury Loop – 98km
Distance: 98km Time: 4:15hrs Malmesbury via Boland Cellar, Paardeberg Cellar, R304, back on R45.

Koei se pad – 40km
Distance: 40 Time: 1:45

Agterpaarl Farm roads ±75km
Distance: 75km Time: 4hrs Sante, Niel Joubert farm rd, Elsenburg, Eensaamheid, Leeuwenkuil, Slent, Landbou school shortcut, Rhebokskloof

Agterpaarl Farm roads ±85km
Distance: 85km Time: 4hrs Sante, elsenburg, eensaamheid, leeuwenkuil, slent, koei se pad,

Round the Mt – 41km
Distance: 41km Time: 2hr Main street, Rhebokskloof, Landbou school, chicken farms, fairview

Agterpaarl + Paardeberg +
Distance: 95km Time: 5hrs Sante, Klapmuts, Leeuwenkuil, Slent, Voor Paardeberg, Porselein, Koei se pad, Rhebokskloof

Rhebokskloof Loop
Distance: 31km Time: 1:30 Vineyard Spar, Main street, Wellington 4 waystop, Slot v/d Paarl, Rhebokskloof, Main street

Nederburg loop
Distance: 30km Time: 1:20 Strawberry king, Mall, Spes Bona, Nederburg, Meadow feeds, Retief street, Mains

Paarl Mt 1
Distance: 30km Time: 2:20 Jan Phillips from south, tower, cement path, xmas camp, Prl rock, walk way, eliminator

Up and Over
Distance: 19km Time: 1:00 Jan Phillips drive from the south or north

Bainskloof Up and Over
Distance: 77km Time: 4Hrs Paarl, Wellington, Bainskloof to 2de Tol and back same

Agter – Paarl Joostenberg
Distance: 67km Time: 3h45 This route offers a good base ride. Rolling hills, nothing technical. Lots of gravel road through farm back roads

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