Parkrun treads on Modderfontein Cycling Trails

Parkrun treads on Modderfontein Cycling Trails

The Modderfontein Parkrun has now moved into the Reserve, to the Scout Camping area, north of Fish Eagle dam,  with parking for the hundreds of cars on the veld in this area, I am saddened for the animals in this area. The new bunker running route will cross the cycling trails on a number of routes.

The changes have apparently been implemented because of loss of revenue for the reserve and the coffee shop. It is questionable to bring the speeding cars into the reserve and the running route through the mountain biking trails. The mountain bikers are the staple paying clients to the reserve and in the past have stopped riding on Saturday mornings because of the manner in which motorists speed into the parking area and the general lack of regard for others users. Now mountain bikers who escaped the throws of runners, to the freedom and silence with in the park will now have to deal with hundreds of cars driving (often at speed) into the Reserve area and then runners on the trails.

I foresee even fewer mountain bikers on Saturdays morning, it is after all the mountain bikers who support the coffee shop and pay the R50 entrance fee. It is probably time to support all the other parks and spread your money around.

The real losers will be the animals that who will now experience a mass of cars driving through and onto the veld and then hundreds of walkers.

by The Dark Side of the Mountain Trails.