Queen Rose MTB Trail

Riders who have suffered during the Barberton Classic in the January heat might just recognize parts of these routes. In contrast to the endurance race, the Queen Rose trails are intended to be an enjoyable social cycling experience on mostly dirt roads with some singletrack. All three options start and end at Makesh Hut.

On your bike

Blue Route (13km return):

From Makesh Hut, follow the main road downhill to Barberton through eucalyptus plantations and then down to the Queens River. Ride along the river bank, go over a bridge and continue until you reach a pretty picnic spot. Refreshed and at peace, return on the main road again to Makesh Hut. On the way back you will encounter a few uphills which will burn sufficient reserves to give you a good appetite for a post-ride meal.

Yellow Route (33km circuit):

This route is a tough one for the intermediate rider. The first section is the same as the Blue route. Where the route splits, follow the yellow signs. You will have an 8km climb through plantations and grasslands. On top of the mountain you will be rewarded by a breathtaking view of the whole De Kaap Valley. Then you will descend for 7km surrounded by the endless vistas of the area. Once this downhill levels out, you will have a choice to go back to Makesh Hut or cycle another 6km to Cupid Waterfall. On your way back there’s the not-to-be-missed opportunity of a picnic or swim at the foefie slide.

Red Route (45km circuit):

This route will only be enjoyable for advanced riders. The first section is the same as the Yellow Route, but don’t go downhill. Instead, continue along the road through Nelshoogte, going over the dam to Queensview Hut. This will be a well-earned resting place. From here you will go on the hiking trail for 5km to the cupid Waterfall. If you are tired, the best thing to do is to go for a swim at the foefie slide, then ride downhill back to Makesh Hut.

Contact details

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