Ride2Nowhere a three-day mountain bike stage race which takes place in McGregor

Ride2Nowhere a three-day mountain bike stage race which takes place in McGregor

Event Date : 
6-8 Sept. 2019
McGregor, Western Cape
Dutch Reformed Church Grounds (Cnr of Church & Voortrekker str)

Route Options :
Short: 40km per day (+16 yrs.)
Long: 60km per day (+18 yrs.)
Solo (Open Men and Open Ladies)
Teams (Open Men, Open Ladies, Mixed Teams) *Long Route only
*Prizes awarded to categories with 5+ Teams and 15+ Solo entries

Short Route

The routes follow a clover leaf format with each day’s start & finish from the same venue in McGregor. The routes are designed to provide a pure mountain biking experience. The trails take you over rugged mountains, down beautiful valleys and through smooth, flowing plains. All of the above covered in beautiful flowers during the month of September! The area is very remote; one can easily find yourself riding for long distances surrounded only by nature.

A large portion of the trails are not open to the public and created exclusively for the Ride2Nowhere. This ensures that almost every rider experience it as if it was the first time. The tracks are still freshly cut and most of the time you will have to choose your line carefully (no auto pilot riding).


Long Route

The riding can become quite technical at times, so a bit of experience is recommended, or you can just take it easy over the bumps. This is a race where everyone gets to the finish.

The trail crew do take great pride in creating trails that are safe and smooth, without disturbing nature unnecessary.

A good challenge to the racing snakes, but still doable for the weekend warrior. It offers big rewards all around.
The first few kilometres each day are on open roads to get everyone settled in, but then we take it up a notch. Following mostly single and jeep track, the trail will keep you on your toes. Over the past few years we have built links to bypass unnecessary jeep track, keeping the route a “proper mountain biking experience” all the way. Nobody likes pushing their bikes and therefore we try to avoid those ridiculously steep climbs as much as possible.