Ridley joins KMC as second name sponsor !

  • The Official Team Name in 2024-25 will be –
    ‘KMC Ridley MTB Racing Team’

Enthusiastic about new experiences in mountain biking, the collaboration with the
KMC Team, and the results achieved together, Ridley has decided to intensify its
partnership with the KMC Team. Ridley will become the second name sponsor of
the KMC MTB Racing Team in 2024 and 2025.

Christ Bakker, Managing Director of KMC Europe, and Team Manager Bart
Brentjens welcome this more intensive collaboration with Ridley. This partnership
signifies that the Team can expand towards the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.
KMC, Ridley, and Bart Brentjens MTB Sports are working together with a long-term
plan focused on the Olympic Games of Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028.
Ridley’s History
Founded in 1997, Ridley is Belgium’s largest bicycle manufacturer, known for
making high-quality innovative bicycles. The company is adept at quickly
‘switching’, developing, and delivering in support of the Team.
Ridley has been successful for many years in competitive sports, both on the road,
gravel and in cyclocross. In October 2022, Ridley launched two new highperformance innovative mountain bikes, the Raft full suspension and the Probe
hardtail, perfectly matching the ever-evolving international mountainbike
Bart Brentjens, Team Manager of KMC Mountainbike Racing Team:
“ The collaboration with KMC and Ridley has been very good from the start of this
year. It is great to see that Ridley will expand their partnership with the team for the
next years. This decision gives us the opportunity to grow further together.
All riders and mechanics are very satisfied with the Ridley bikes and the results this
year have proven this. Martins Blums reached his 1st World Cup podium in the Men
Elite category.
In the field of product development, the team is also very closely involved in the
various processes of Ridley. High-level competitive sports are very important for
Ridley, and they want to develop the best mountainbikes together with our team.
We confidently continue our way to Paris together with KMC and Ridley as our
main sponsors, and Mission Part 5 towards Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games is
already in sight!”
Jochim Aerts, Belgian Cycling Factory:
“Our mission is to craft your perfect bike. This commitment drives us to continuously
optimize our bicycles, ensuring that we only produce the very best. We have
immense confidence in Bart’s team, not only in their past achievements but also in
their future potential at the Olympic Games. Their expertise is invaluable in our
ongoing efforts to innovate and advance our mountain bikes.
In partnership with KMC, we are thrilled to be name sponsor of the team. The next
phase of our journey with the Raft & Probe in World Cup Racing.
Together, we are setting our sights on new heights.”
Christ Bakker, Managing Director of KMC Chain Europe:
“As we move into the 2024-25 season, I’m genuinely excited about the new
chapter unfolding for our KMC team. Welcoming Ridley as our second sponsor is a
pivotal step in our team’s progression. This enhanced partnership between KMC,
Bart Brentjens, and Ridley represents a significant collaboration that strengthens
our collective capabilities.
I am enthusiastic about what this means for our dedicated athletes, staff, and
sponsors. The innovation of our chains, a cornerstone of our brand, is continually
inspired by working with such a dynamic team. It makes us proud to deliver topquality products and create an environment where excellence thrives.”


  • The Olympic Mountainbike races in Paris will be on July 28 and 29 –