Sparkling Waters

Awesome jeep and singletrack is abundant with splendid views of the scenic Buffelspoort Valley and Dam. The highlight (or challenge) of the ride is taming the “Monster”, a tough 9 km of pristine climbing through awesome rock formations until one reaches the top of Breedtsnek with magnificent 360º views

There is a small MTB route inside Sparkling Waters area – but if you want to venture out with the brave, as you exit Sparkling Waters gate, turn right, follow the tar. At the stop turn right, follow the tar until you see a sign UTOPIA, should be the first dirt road on the right. Follow that road uphill for ~5km until your legs burn but you will eventually get to the top of Breedts Nek – it’s a spectacular view from there and a real achievement! You can also try riding to Mountain Sanctuary – there is an MTB route there or for a real excellent ride but you have to drive I reckon to Van Gaalens

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