Stages Lance Armstrongs podcast of Tour de France

Stages Lance Armstrongs podcast of Tour de France

Lance Armstrong shares his perspective on the 2017 Tour de France co-hosted by longtime Austin radio personality JB Hager. Stages airs about an hour after each stage finish, from July 1-23 at

Love Lance or hate him, I for one will be listening to his “no holding back” perspective of the Tour.

Lance suggest thoughts, Porte for the win and close behind Froome, Valverde darkhorse for a win.

Wet start will make things interesting.

Need to be goal weight from the first day because stage 3 will already be telling in who will be in the running for the podium in 3 weeks.

The podcast features special guest appearances, insightful course previews and race analysis from Armstrong’s distinct point of view, which takes listeners deep inside the world’s most iconic cycling race. In addition to a daily recap of all the action, Armstrong, who also hosts The Forward podcast, shares anecdotes from his years racing Le Tour.

Followers can watch this year’s race unfold through the lens of someone who knows the suffering and splendor like no one else.

The first episode is the preview show.

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