Stop Back Pain

Stop Back Pain

Samson Stretch – Hip Flexor Stretch

The kneeling groin stretch, also known as the Sampson stretch, is a great way to stretch the hip flexors. You might think you know this stretch, but with a little fine-tuning, you can take this one to a whole new level. Just follow these steps and feel the difference for yourself.

Hip Flexor Release

  1. Kneel on your left knee with your right foot out in front. If kneeling is painful, then place some extra padding under your knee.
  2. Make sure your right heel is out in front of your right knee and your back foot is in line with your thigh.
  3. Now, we are going to square up your hips. Place your index fingers on your ASIS, the bony prominences at the front of your pelvis. (By the way, ASIS stands for anterior superior iliac spine, but that’s kind of a mouthful.)
  4. Make sure that your left and right ASIS point straight ahead, like two headlights on a car. We are trying to eliminate any rotation in your pelvis.
  5. Press the big-toe joint of the back foot into the ground. This will have a neurological impact on the psoas because it is in its most elongated position and pushing the big toe joint into the ground activates an isometric contraction at length.
  6. Push the back knee and the heel of the front foot into the ground. This activates the lateral hip stabilizers, which help the hip stabilize its position to help the psoas do its thing.
  7. Be sure to have your pelvis in a neutral or posterior position, but not in an anterior position.


At this point you will feel work in your hips and a stretch in your hip flexor. Hold for one minute, then switch sides and repeat.