Strava #Strive share your workout on Social Media

Strava has added a bit of cross-platform functionality as part of their new #Strive social media sharing campaign. By combining basic ride data with ride photos or maps of your route, they are making it easier to share your ride with friends across other social media platforms. While up until now, it was really only your friends on Strava who could see how far and long you rode this weekend, with the new Strive function on the Strava mobile app, now you can share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in hopes of luring them out to join you on the next bike ride.

Strava says the Strive campaign is an effort to expand their community by helping you easily share a bit more info about your activity, more than just a bike pic or a selfie of you suffering.

Load the latest version of the Strava app, and you can share the image you’ve created on any smartphone app you use that has sharing functionality, like WhatsApp, Skype or LinkedIn… okay maybe not that last one.

Here’s how:

  1. To use the new Strive sharing feature you need to manage it all from the Strava app on your mobile device…
    1. In the app pick one of your activities (that includes GPS movement data) that you want to share.
    2. Click the activity’s share icon either from your feed or the activity itself ( Strava-Strive_iOS-share-button for iOS; Strava-Strive_Android-share-button for Android).
    3. You will then be able to select the map view or a ride photo to share (if you’ve already attached photos to the activity, if not do that first) with the data added.
    4. Then lastly you can choose how and where to share the photo. We’ve used Facebook, Instagram, and regular mail ourselves so far, but Twitter, SMS, and some other options are also possible.